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Electromagnetic Board – Think Board

Think Board operates through electromagnetic technology with the help of a battery operated multimedia pen. Infralab accelerates learning in the classrooms through top notch integrated technology systems; our interactive software enables instructors to make the most out of this device. You can write and sketch on the board conveniently using pen. The self explanatory features of the smart equipment enable you to make, hide or focus presentations according to the needs. Short cut keys along the two sides of the screen make the equipment user friendly. The multi-dimensional smart classroom technology facilitates quality education system.

Think Board is an innovation in ICT industry; the high performing equipment serves the interests of instructors, trainers and teachers optimally. You just have to connect this electromagnetic white board to the computer and all computer operations can be controlled through the multimedia pen on the screen. It is an input device that allows you to record, save and retrieve the teaching sessions. Handle the content more efficiently with Think Board to engage audiences.

TECHNE Electromagnetic Interactive Whiteboard – Model IN8855 – Download Brochure

Product Highlights –

  • Anti glare surface
  • User-friendly software
  • High engagement rate
  • Compatible with third party applications
  • 9. Calibration for higher accuracy
  • Integrates with external technology
  • Just plug & play
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to install in classrooms, auditoriums and conference halls

Technology Electromagnetic
Sizes 40”, 48”, 64”, 78”, 88”
Touch Device Wireless Battery Operated Multimedia Pen
Connectivity USB
Response Speed <8ms
Cursor Speed 120 dots/second
Power Use <2W
Accessories Wall Mounting Brackets, Multimedia Pen, USB Cable