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Best Electronic Lectern by Infralab

Infralab is a leading electronic lectern manufacturer in India and is renowned for designing advanced tools that ace the presentation, and we have come up with this tech-savvy e lectern. It’s a digital podium designed for educational institutes, corporates and other organisations combined with customised features and advanced design at a very competitive price. It’s a versatile digital lectern that enables one to keep the technology at fingertips.

What Digital Lectern Consists of?

  1. Audio-video input and output ports for exclusive presentation.
  2. Touch screen monitor
  3. Build-in with public addressing system
  4. Audio amplifier, speakers, document camera, visualizer and presenter

All these features and elements contribute to making an impressive and electronic lectern device that eases the struggle of institutions and corporations. It’s a user-friendly and tech-oriented digital lecture stand that makes the presentations interactive, thoughtful and smart.

electronic lectern

electronic lectern

Exceptional Features:

  • Touch-sensitive - Comes with an interactive touch display that allows you to monitor all the activities on your fingertips.
  • Multi-inputs - Easily connects with the laptop, visualizer, and PC and performs integral with the devices.
  • Recording - This allows you to record the audio-video presentation on time, which helps you recall everything. It saves your time and enables you to display and hear the lecture again and again.
  • Sufficient storage - This e-lectern delivers ample storage to store heavy and diversified files. Plus, it is also well designed in various sections for keyboards, books and other things.
  • Power backup - Power failures can ruin the presentation; thus, electrum is designed with integrated UPS that continues the presentation and lecture for more than 40 minutes.
  • Economical - Modern structure might make you think that it comes at a high range, but in reality, you can get this ultra-modern electronic lectrum GEM at a very fair price only at Infralab.
  • Safety features - This device comes with a separate locking segment where you can store sensitive and valuable documents, files and much more.
  • Highly durable - Designed with advanced process, and we attach the caster wheels that make it movable and safe.
  • Easy to use - It’s an all-in-one presentation device useful for various institutes and organizations. Easily connect the port on the switch and start the presentation.

Spectacular Benefits of Infralab Digital Lectern

  • Interactive learning experience
  • One device for multiple uses
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy body with modern design
  • Perfectly designed device for all
  • Multi-purpose device
  • Smart features that accelerate participation
  • Voice amplifier with good sound quality
  • Better visibility and interactive panel
  • No-maintenance cost
  • Availability of recording audio and video content
  • Budget-friendly and one-time investment

Infralab features smart devices par excellence. This is a perfect tool for various educational institutes and corporations that ease and improve the way lectures showcase and presentations.

electronic lectern image