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Interactive Whiteboard Online for Classroom | Digital Smart Board

Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

Infralab offers interactive whiteboard driven with IR (infrared) technology and perked with exceptional features to catalyze learning process. The infrared board can be easily operated either by finger or non-transparent object, which makes it user-friendly equipment. No prior training is required to operate the smart classroom gadget. The ready to use device is apt for educational institutes and business organizations.

TECHNE Infrared Interactive Whiteboard – Model IN6009 – Download Brochure

Product Highlights

  • Highly Sensitive: Promises quick and precise response to every touch either by finger or dummy pen as a result of infrared sensors.
  • Fix Key-Stone Distortion: The high tech device can easily overcome common key-stone issues of projectors ensuring high level of accuracy.
  • Dynamic Touch Function: Using one or more fingers you can easily zoom-in, zoom-out and rotate the images (and other documents).
  • Automatic Inspection: You can say “zero maintenance” or “simplified maintenance” as the smart equipment itself inspects and fixes the module defects.

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Key Features

  • Intelligent Pen Tray (Optional)
  • Touch Sensitive & Multi-Touch Function
  • Automatic Inspection
  • Hand Gesture Recognition
  • Digital Ink
  • Overcome Keystone distortion


Technology Infrared
Sizes 48”, 56”, 78”, 88”, 105”
Resolution 4096 X4096
Power Use ≤70mA
Precision < 0.1mm
Cursor Speed 120 dots/second
Transmission Speed 12m/sec
Aspect Ratio 4:3,16:9, 16:10
Scanning Speed 16m/s for first dot and 8m/s for preceding dots

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