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PA Podium Price | Public Addressing Podium - India

PA PODIUM - Model Power Podium

Power Podium is an integrated Public Addressing Podium / PA Podium. It has built-in amplifier, microphone, speakers and LED light that enables trainers / presenters / teachers to deliver presentations and lectures successfully. Traditional teaching methods have been reported to cause alarming vocal stress and disorders among teachers. With little effort, our PA enabled speakers can reach even the audience members at the last rows clearly. These podiums come fitted with amplifier, speaker and mic for a comfortable teaching experience. Our PA podium installations promise complete vocal clarity and the lecturer's ability to reach every single member of the audience equally. This equipment will help relieve presenters from all illness associated with loud lectures.

Power Podium 1

Highlights of Power Podium from Infralab

  • Zero vocal stress
  • Unified and standardized environment that supports learning
  • Complete convenience of lecture delivery
  • No training is required to use the product
  • Simple, durable and ergonomic design
  • Perfect compatibility with a range of teaching instruments such as mic, speakers and amplifiers
  • Height adjustable design
  • Bold design giving the presenter an authoritative platform

At Infralab, we aim to support the latest teaching tools and Power Podiums have proved to be an amazing public addressing system. The smart podiums are designed ideally for modern corporate training and classroom. Weather it is about giving a presentation, speech session or a lecture, buy power podiums to bring in the essence of interactivity into the sessions.

In most modern institutions today, the ratio of teachers to student is highly disproportionate; Infralab's Power Podiums give teachers an authoritative platform. Talking loudly for too long can cause serious infections in the throat. Designed by teachers and for teachers, our designs emphasize upon the basic of a learning process. If you are looking to energize your classroom while putting yourself into a convenient and comfortable platform, choose to buy power podiums from Infralab. Infralab products can turn your unorganized classrooms into effective discussion environment.

Power podiums from Infralab come in a variety of designs. They may be implemented for dual monitoring systems and creating interactive presentation sessions. The lecturer finds the ability to conduct the class with greater effectiveness and convenience. Our power podiums guarantee that presenters remain completely anchored, organized and focused for an effective meeting. In classrooms where teaching and learning is a regular process, power podiums make it easy for the administration to maintain and facilitate the right tools of delivery. Crisp and clear presentations are the forte of power podiums from Infralab.

We would like you to check out the advantages of our products and energize your classrooms. When you buy power podiums from Infralab, you empower teachers with a range of new learning methods that will bring in interest and interactivity among students. Our products are priced affordably and when you buy power podiums you can expect to save a lot on maintenance costs while having an intriguing delivery system in place. We guarantee the lifetime of our products and will be responsible for support at every stage of the change.

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