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TECHNE is a smart board for classrooms that features modern education. Run with technology, Techne whiteboard is an advanced teaching device that allows a teacher to interact with students through effective audios and visuals.

  • • Using Techne IWB, the teacher writes with a finger or dummy pen (not with a chalk).
  • • With instant access to the computer library, teachers can show images and run videos on the whiteboard.
  • • Also, teachers can annotate on media files and save them in desired formats with a digital smart board.
  • • Geometric figures can be drawn accurately in regard to dimensions and angles.
  • • Highlighters, multi-colored pens, erasers and large operating surfaces give edge to teachers to make classroom lectures interesting.
  • • Teachers can also make the quality of lectures uniform across many classrooms as he/she can record, save and reuse the delivered lecture.
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Infralab is the leading interactive whiteboard online supplier to educational institutes, government & private organisations and traders across India. Our forte in the education industry allows us to offer innovative digital solutions to completely transform classroom experience. The technology driven user-friendly digital smart board is a unique combination of traditional and conventional teaching tools offering freedom to teachers to explore the World Wide Web in the class while writing on the dust free surface.

Infralab Interactive whiteboards come in three technologies:
  • • TECHNE Infrared – Model IN6006 Download Brochure

    Infralab’s 6000 Infrared Series is one of the sturdiest series that work with infrared induction technology. These are highly durable boards on which you can write with your finger/dummy pen. Download brochure of infrared to study the complete specifications.

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  • • TECHNE Electromagnetic - Model IN8855 - Download Brochure
    Infralab’s 88 EM Series run with electromagnetic induction technology. You can write on the board using a special electronic pen. It supports two-point touch. Download brochure of electromagnetic to study the complete specifications.

  • • TECHNE Optical Technology - Model IN9996 - Download Brochure
    Infralab’s 999 Optical Series run with image sensing technology. Image sensors on the panel capture the touch to display content on board. You can write on this board with finger or dummy pen. Download brochure to study the complete specifications.

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Watch the demonstration video of TECHNE interactive whiteboard here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ymlSmC5UWg

We provide complete services – from product demonstration, product installation to product training. In case you want to buy interactive whiteboard in India, please contact us @ +91-9355106486 / +91-9541103099 or mail your inquiry at [email protected].

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