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Optical Interactive Whiteboard – Intelligent Board

The latest image sensing technology defines optical interactive whiteboard. The high performing – Intelligent Board is touch sensitive through the image sensors placed in the frame of the board. High resolution lens is used to trace the touch and transmit the results. Driven through cutting-edge technology, the board enables you to control all computer applications through a finger. It is an asset for teaching that has long lifespan and negligible maintenance. Infralab manufactures the super gadget to facilitate presentations in classrooms and organizations.

TECHNE Optical Technology– Model IN9996 - Download Brochure

Product Highlights

  • Image Sense Technology (using lens)
  • Finger Touch Sensitive
  • Easy Calibration
  • Ready to use
  • High Sampling Rate
  • Power Through USB


Technology Optical Image Sensing Technology
Sizes 78”, 92”, 102”
Surface Ceramic & Non-Ceramic
Connectivity USB
Touch Accuracy <3mm
Cursor Speed 100 to 120 FPS
Power Use USB
Accessories Wall Mounting Brackets, Dummy Pen, USB Cable

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