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About Infralab Smart Classroom Solutions in India

About Us

Infralab powers Indian education system

Infralab’s catalogue of smart classroom equipments covers an extensive range of impressive products. We take pride in being the leading supplier of the most comprehensive product line applicable to all educational platforms. We have been able to play an important role in turning Indian classrooms into intensified learning environments. All our interactive equipments showcase technology driven solutions and are build to boost both quality teaching process and effective learning system. As such, Infralab has made its mark across all verticals of the educational system and has always been ahead in the innovation graph.

Gone are the day when reaching each student individually was a difficult affair. Smart classroom technologies of today facilitate collaborative learning environments facilitating better interaction between teachers and students and among students for better acceptance of the subject. Today technology ensures that no student or member of the audience is deprived from making contribution to the learning process while appreciating the inputs of others. Our smart classroom solutions are designed for knowledge sharing, interaction, mediation of information and heterogeneous classrooms. Using internet and modern technology, we will ensure that the classroom is heard, seen and followed better.

Infralab smart classroom solutions come with the following advantages:

• Intense collaboration in classrooms

• High degree of attention

• Modernized educational system model

• Unlimited access to information

• Better flexibility of classroom schedules

• Entertaining and interactive learning process

Incepted in the 2009, we are one of the leading suppliers of public address systems, audio visual equipment, interactive whiteboards (infrared boards, optical boards and electromagnetic boards), digital podiums (iTouch Lectern), multimedia visual presenter, portable PA systems and much more. Our supplies have been used by a wide range of educational institutions, private platforms, corporate institutions and government platforms all across the country.
Our aim has been to help teachers, presenters and students with a wider range of tools for delivering interactive learning and discussion sessions. We believe that India’s educational system should follow the lines of technological innovation and the inventions to be rightly applied to intensify learning processes. The advanced facilities will definitely act to intensify the learning process and help presenter reach every member of the audience with individual attention.
We also offer customized learning and teaching solutions designed according to precise needs.
Our services also extend to full training and support related to the new technology in place and ready organizations and institutions with better delivery systems. We have a highly qualified team of engineers who are ready to help customers with their technical queries, training needs and suggestive programming. Under the able guidance of our experts, we have been able to reach the heights of success and create a niche in the market. We welcome queries for interactive whiteboards, visual presenters, digital podiums and other smart classroom products from across the nation. We will be glad to have been able to play a part in the innovation of your institution and educational practices. Looking forward to hear from you.