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Document Camera / Visualiser

INFRALAB Document Camera / Visualiser offers you a macro learning environment, where you can demonstrate each lesson, annotate on two dimensional & three dimensional objects and record lectures with an ease. We provide 7 Models of Document Cameras namely: VPD945, VPD590, VPD600, VPD300, VPP350, VPP850 and SDC5. Download all specification sheets from : http://www.smartclassroomindia.com/visualpresenter

All visualizer Models, except for SDC5, are independent of computer that makes them “Plug & Play” devices. And, each has built-in LED light to ensure proper lighting. Model VPP350 & VPP850 have built-in microphones to record videos with great sound quality. At Infralab, you can get a fair document visualizer price.

Key Features:-

  • Independent of Computer:
    Simply connect with any output unit to start displaying book content or demonstrating 3D objects in the classroom.
  • Onboard Storage:
    Onboard storage allows you to save pictures and videos on the doc camera itself, so that you can view those later. Plus, it’s an ideal document camera for online teaching.
  • Built-in LED Light:
    All models have built-in LED light to give proper lighting to the object you want to display ensuring proper clarity and high quality.
  • Built-in Microphone:
    You can record your product annotation or lecture with voice. In-built microphone allows you to record onboard videos and it comes in an affordable cost.
  • Connectivity:
    Visualiser can be connected easily to other devices via USB, HDMI and VGA ports. Experience easy transmission by connecting and sharing images with students on the go. It’s a perfect equipment for teachers.

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