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Digital Podium - iTouch Lectern

Infralab manufactures Digital Podium in India. Explore our digital podium price and different models to cater your presentation requirements. We are original equipment manufacturer in India and, we are registered on GEM. You can buy podium online on GEM and Amazon, or you can directly purchase from us. We have PAN India sales and service network. You can request for online digital podium demonstration at +91- 7497899960.

Infralab’s Digital Podium is an advanced communication platform to deliver the presentations, and to interact & collaborate over those. It is a device that offers an experience to the presenter and the audiences. It is an art to manage the content; and Infralab’s Digital Podium offers advanced controls to switch the videos and audios of the content to your heart’s content with a simple touch of your finger. Digital Podium Price varies from model to model as per the configuration of the equipment. Our standard model is i-Touch Lectern that meets all the multimedia requirements of a classroom, conference hall and training center. We also offer customized podiums as per the requirement of our clients.

Learn Key Elements of Digital Podium – Model iTouch Lectern:

  1. Touch Monitor
  2. Public Addressing System – Amplifier, Microphone, Speaker
  3. Document Camera (or Visual Presenter)
  4. CPU
  5. UPS
  • Download Brochure of Model iTouch Lectern : Click Here

Digital Podium Price varies as per the configuration of touch monitor, wattage of amplifier & speakers, document camera’s sensor, CPU’s processor and UPS load. We customize the product as per client’s requirement. All the elements of podium collectively perform to impart the presentations extraordinarily. The equipment is very user-friendly that enables a presenter to deliver, interact and collaborate.

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Highlights of Digital Podium – i-Touch Lectern :

  • Body - Fabricated in Lockable Metal Body.
  • Touch Monitor - Podium works with the simple touch of your finger or any opaque object or a dummy pen. It follows your instructions religiously.
  • Quality Sound - The inbuilt PA system not only makes your voice audible, but also ensures clarity throughout the lecture.
  • Simplified Connections - It has got all prime cable connections as the equipment is complete with electrical and networking fittings for the functionality of integrated devices.
  • Security - The locking safety feature can make you relieved from giving extra care to every device, when you are not using it. The digital podium has a separate locking system for every segment.
  • Ample storage - It has good storage with side drawer for visualizer, keyboard drawer and cabinet shelves.
  • Plug & Play - Every device is connected in such a way that makes the use of devices on one stand. Just you have to plug-in to start the lecture.
  • Cost-effective - Different components attached to the podium look as if the equipment is expensive. But, in actual, digital podium price is reasonable and within the range for buyers to purchase. Our podiums also available on GEM & amazon, so you can also buy from there.
  • Annotation Software - Beyond annotation, you can save lectures: on screen content with voice (including student-teacher interaction); and use these recorded lectures any number of times with a single click.

Benefits of Buying Digital Podium on GEM, Amazon or directly:

  • All-in-One Smart Classroom Equipment
  • Participative Teaching and presentation
  • Maintains continuity while learning
  • Reduces monotony
  • Modernistic designs- metallic & Sturdy
  • Extraordinary learning experience
  • Shows live-experiment and image at ease
  • Easy and one-time installation
  • Audio-Video recording of Presentations
  • Superior voice quality
  • Fair price
  • Zero Maintenance Product

Infralab has proven excellence as a best manufacturer in developing smart classrooms and digital language cells. And, we are committed to deliver high end quality services with respect to installation and after sale service. For more queries, contact at +91-8295619184 or drop mail at [email protected]

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